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登錄單位 主辦 活動地點 燕巢校區
活動名稱* 2011定點理論和最優化理論與其應用研討會
活動日期* 2011-11-24 ~ 2011-09-01 活動時間* 09: 30 ~ 19: 00
活動地點* 區致理大樓MA803 e化教室
主辦單位 VB 國立高雄師範大學數學系
活動內容* Nonlinear Ergodic Theorems without Convexity Saddle Point Conditions for a Two-person Zero-sum Dynamic Fractional Game Fixed Point Theorems for Single-valued and Set-valued Mappings on Complete Metric Spaces Convex Relaxations for Recovering Sparse Signals with Noise Weak and Strong Convergence Theorems for Asymptotically Pseudo-contraction Mappings in The Intermediate Sense in Hilbert Spaces Fixed Point Theorems for Mappings with Condition (B)
主持人 陳振遠主任 演講者 Professor Wataru Takahashi (高橋涉), Professor Hang-Chin Lai (賴漢卿),Professor Lai-Jiu Lin (林來居), Professor Hong-Kun Xu (徐洪坤) ,Professor Zenn-Tsun Yu (游鎮村), Dr. Chih-Sheng Chuang (莊智升)
聯絡窗口* 聯絡人: Wei-Shih Du (杜威仕) 手機*
聯絡電話 # 傳真
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